The "Allowed Websites" feature in our teacher console "EdTeach", allows you to specify websites that are allowed to run, while all other unspecified websites will be blocked. 

If the "Allowed Websites" option is empty then all sites are allowed to display correctly. When a website is added to the "Allowed Websites" all the other web pages will be blocked. Only the websites on the "Allowed Websites" will be displayed correctly and the others will receive an error message saying, "The website you tried to access is not on the Allowed List". 

In order to apply an "Allowed Websites" policy, please do the following: 

- Sign into "EdTeach" and select the group that you would like to apply the policy to.

- The "EdTeach" console is split into 3 partitions. The "Allowed Websites" option is on the right partition at the top. 

- To add a policy please place a website or keyword in the "Type website address here.." section. The policy uses a wildcard system which means that any URL containing the entry that is on the "Allowed Websites" will display correctly. *bbc* would allow any URL containing "BBC" etc. 

"Allowed Websites" Timer

We have added in a timer option to our Allow Websites. When an entry is added to the "Allowed Websites" as shown above, a 30 minute timer will be created. After 30 minutes the policy will expire. To apply the policy for longer, click the timer. This will bring it back up to 30 minutes. 

Any questions or queries please contact our Support via email at