The Impero Server automatically backs up its settings once a day, just after midnight. These backups can also be created manually.  These backups are stored in the "Backups" folder in your Impero Server install directory, which is usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Backups". The backed up files consist of; "Clients.txt", "Groups.xml", "Licence.xml", "Licence.xmlx", "PCreditusers.xml", "Policies.xml", "SettingsV2.xml", "SettingsV2.xmlx" "SoftwareLicencing.xml" and "USBStickTracking.xml".

NOTE: The Impero Server does not back up any log files (see below how to backup log files).

Impero backup:

1. Open your Impero server and click on the menu item called "Tools", then "Backup & Restore".
2. Click on "Create Backup".
3. Click on the OK button on "The Backup was successful" window.
4. Close Backup & Restore Window.

Taking a manual backup:

1. Open the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Data" or your equivalent server install location.
2. Highlight everything except for the Logs folder.
3. Right click and send to compressed file or create a copy to another location.

Impero Restore:

1. Open your Impero Server and click the menu item called "Tools", then "Backup & Restore".
2. Choose the backup that you wish to restore from.
3. Click on the "Restore" button.
4. Click on the "Yes" button to restore this backup.
5. Click on the OK button after you see "The restore was successful" window.
6. Close Backup & Restore Window.

Performing a manual restore:

1. Stop the Impero Server Service.
2. Open the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Data" or your equivalent server install location.
3. Open the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Backups" and open the folder containing the backup files you wish to restore.
4. Copy the files you wish to restore from your "Backups" folder into the "Data" folder and Replace all xml files with files from your backup location. 

NOTE: If you replace the two "Licence" files, you will need to re-register your Impero Server.

5. Start the Impero Server Service. 

How to Backup Log Files

The Impero backup does not include the log files within the daily backup.  If you would like to create a daily backup your log files you will need to provide your own backup program.  To verify the default location for logs files, open the Impero Server, click on the "Settings" tab, click on "Resource Logging" and verify the location of your log files.  This is the location your backup set should include for the day to day logs.  Other folders of importance under the Impero Server folder would be Inventory, Recordings & ConsoleLogs.

Any questions or queries please contact our Support helpline on 01509611341.