The 'Inventory' feature catalogues hardware, software and operating system information for all machines with the Impero Client installed to them. Reports can be created from this tool to support asset tracking and hardware maintenance of computers.


The Inventory of a machine is taken when the Impero Client is first installed. In order to update the Inventory, you are required to create a 'Perform Inventory' action policy from ‘Advanced Policies’. This policy can be set to run on a schedule if you wish to periodically update the Inventory.

Here is a guide on how to set up an Action Policy - Advanced Policies - Action Policy


- In order to view inventories, first select the computers you wish to analyse in the Computer List.

- Click on the 'Admin' toolbar and select 'Inventory'.

- You are then presented with the Inventory window.

By default, the Inventory window will open to the Summary tab, which is split into two panels. In the left-hand panel there is a list of the computers that were selected in the Computer List. You can click on any of these computers to see general system information on the right-hand side.


The computer can be further expanded by clicking the ‘+’ icon to the left of the Computer Name to show detailed system information regarding the hardware and software installed on the selected machine. Clicking on any of the items on the left-hand side displays a detailed list of information in the right-hand side relating to the selection on the left.

You can also generate reports on the selected machines allowing you to review and compare machine specifications. Select the 'Report' tab at the top of the window. You can then use the 'Advanced' panel in the top left-hand corner of the window to set up the reporting criteria. 

Search Filter Name - Enter a name for the report that you are going to create. If you are running more than one report, this name must be unique. 

Search Criteria - Enter the term that you are searching for in this field. What you enter here is dependent on your selections in the following drop-down lists.

Category - Select from the drop-down list which Inventory category you are searching on, i.e. Operating System, Processor, Software Product Installed etc. 

Sub Category - This drop-down list will populate depending on your selection in the 'Category' drop-down list. 

Search Type - Select from this drop-down list how you wish for your search to behave. It can be any of the following selections:


Exact Match - This report searches your Category/Sub Category selections for an exact match of the entry you have typed in the 'Search Criteria' field.


Match Sequence - This report searches for the term you have entered into the 'Search Criteria' field anywhere within the Category/Sub Category you have selected, so it will essentially 'wildcard' the term you have entered.


Avoid Exact Match - This report searches your Category/Sub Category selection for any term that does not exactly match the entry you have added to the 'Search Criteria field.


Avoid Sequence - This report searches your Category/Sub Category selection for any term that does not match any part of the entry you have added to the 'Search Criteria' field, so it essentially 'wildcard's the term you have specified and return anything that does not contain the term you have entered.


Once you have set up your reporting criteria, click on the 'Add Filter' button to carry out your search. This then returns your results into a table on the right-hand side of your window.