You can use the 'Quick Question' feature to send questions to users and ascertain quickly if they understood your lesson, or to deliver a polling question:


- Select the users you wish to ask a quick question.

- From the 'Action' toolbar, select the 'Quick Question' button.

- In the new window, type in the question that you wish to ask.

- You can then select what type of answer you wish to prompt for:



Select this option to give the user the option to answer with either a 'Yes' or a 'No'.


Written Answer

Select this option to give the user a text area into which they can type in their answer.


Multiple Choice

Select this option to give the user up to six options from which they can select the correct answer. Type in the answer options that you wish to give the user. Leave any answer fields you do not wish to use blank.


- Once you have set up your question, click the 'Send Question' button.

- The selected users will receive the question on their desktop.

- Meanwhile, you will see a window displaying live feedback on their answers.