This function allows you to collect file(s) or folders from any number of users.


- In the Console, select the users that you wish to collect files from.

- From the 'Action' toolbar, click on 'Collect Files'.

- The new window will allow you to specify where you wish to collect files to on your computer, from two options:


'My Documents' area

This is the default selection and will save collected files within your 'My Documents' folder. A new folder called 'ImperoDownloads' will be automatically created in this area, inside of which another new folder will be created and named with today's date. Collected files will appear in this folder.


Your home drive or other location

Select this option if you wish to specify a different directory to collect files to. Click on the 'Browse' button to locate the folder you wish to collect files to.


- After selecting the collection location, click on the 'Ask For Files' button.

- You will then see a list of users that you have asked to collect files from appear on the right-hand side of the window.

- A dialogue box will appear on the user screen.

- Users can then locate and select the file(s) that you wish to collect, and click on 'Send'.

- A green dot next to the username indicates that they have successfully sent you files.

- A grey dot indicates you are still awaiting their file.

- A red dot indicates that the user has closed the dialogue box without sending you a file.

- To view the files you have collected, double-click on the username in the 'Collect Files' window, or navigate to the folder you initially specified before asking users for their files.

-  Impero will create a folder based on today's date within 'ImperoDownloads', and create a sub-directory for each user that has sent a file called 'username-time'. This will reflect the username of the person that has sent the file and the time at which they sent it. Within this folder will be each of the files that the user has sent.