This feature allows you to assign tasks to users and monitor the status of the tasks.


- In the Console, select the users that you wish to assign tasks to.

- Click on the 'Action' toolbar and then select 'Assign Task'.

- This will open the 'Send Tasks' window, with the usernames of the selected users in the right-hand panel.

- Click the 'New Task' button.

- Give your task a title and a description.

- Click on 'OK' to save the task.

- Repeat the steps above to add further tasks.

- Once your task list is created, click on the 'Send Tasks' button.

- This will then open a 'Your Task' window on each selected user's screen.

- The user can click on the task title in order to view the description.

- Once they have completed the task, they can click the tickbox.

- A green dot in the 'Send Tasks' window on your screen indicates the user has completed the task.


- Once the user has ticked all their tasks, the 'Close' button becomes available, allowing the user to close the task window.


- You can click on 'Clear Tasks' to remove all tasks and also user history.

- You can also create task lists in advance, and save it locally using the 'Save Tasks' button.

- This will save your task list in '.ITF' (Impero Task File) format to a location of your choosing.

- You can then re-load that task list at a later time by using the 'Load Tasks' button.