There are six default groups that are automatically created within Impero - 'Entire Network', 'Internet Banned', 'Screens Locked', 'Printing Disabled', 'Removable Media Disabled' and 'Sound Muted'.


The 'Entire Network' group contains all the computers that have the Impero client installed to it. You may or may not see this group in your Impero Console, depending on the access rights that have been configured by your network administrator.

The remaining five default groups allow you to apply various restrictions upon selected users:


- In your Console, select the user(s) that you wish to restrict.

- Drag and drop the users into the group that relates to the restriction you wish to apply.

- The same action can also be performed by right-clicking your mouse and selecting 'Add to Group' followed by the relevant group.


Internet Banned - Stop selected users from being able to browse the internet.

Screens Locked - Lock the screens of selected users.

Printing Disabled - Prevent selected users from being able to send print jobs.

Removable Media Disabled - Stop selected users from being able to access files on any external USB device.

Sound Muted - Mute sound for selected users.


- You are prompted to select how long you wish to apply the restriction for.

- The selected users then have the restriction applied to them, i.e. web access blocked, and is displayed in the chosen group.  

- You have applied the restriction to the user - meaning that user have that restriction applied to them, regardless of which computer they are logged into.

- You can remove the restriction by selecting the group.

- Select the users that you wish to remove the restriction from.

- Right-click and select 'Remove from group'.

- Click on 'Yes' when asked if you are sure you wish to remove the user from the group.