Once you have completed linking your MIS, you need to set your user groups and permissions. Unless your school has chosen not to, we will have set you up with some default user groups, you may still wish to revise the permissions for these user groups to make sure they are right for your setting.

You can go ahead and invite your colleagues now, but it's worth doing a couple of other bits of tweaking before everyone's trying to use the system. The first is to set up your meeting types, although we usually set schools up with standard meeting types, your school or MAT may have chosen to override this or you may need to add other types of meetings - its best to make sure you have the essential meeting types set up.

After this, set up your locations for your First Aid reporting. This is really helpful for Governors' reporting as well as Ofsted inspection, so please do feel free to add as many classrooms, playgrounds and hallways as you have! You can find out how to add your first aid location data here.

All set? We'd encourage you to check you have the correct agencies you refer to in Agencies; that you select which staff members should receive Medication Alerts; and that your Concern Categories are all being logged in the same language you use in school.

It's time to invite your team!