If a child joins your school from a school using CPOMS, we can import the child's previous concerns from a CPOMS report. This will give the child a full chronology as if they had always been in your system, which is very useful for supporting their welfare. We recommend that you arrange this at the same time as sending their Common Transfer Form to the school office, so that all the right data is in place as soon as possible.

Ask the transferring school (the school the child is coming from) to follow the below instructions. We suggest using Google Chrome for best results:

1. Log in to CPOMS.

2. Select the child's profile.

NOTE: If the student has already left the school, make sure that the "Include archived students" option is ticked when using the search function.

3. Click on the Student Report tab. Ensure that Incidents is checked and that the format is set to Enquiry View.

4. Click on the Generate Report button.
5. Once the report is created and is displayed on the screen, make sure to save it. In Google Chrome, press Ctrl + S or click on the Menu button (three dots or lines near the top right of your screen) and select More Tools -> Save Page as... Identify a suitable File name and set the Save as type to Web page, Complete.

6. Return to the child's profile and click on the Document Vault tab. Check the tick box at the top of the screen (next to the ID column), and using the Actions button that appears, choose Download selected.

NOTE: If no rows are available in the Document Vault it is not possible to complete this step. This is due to the fact that there is nothing to be downloaded.

Please ask the transferring school to visit our Secure Send (https://uk.edaware.cloud/send) page and fill in their details, entering the name of the destination school and the full name of the child in the notes box. They need to upload both files and, if the zip file could not be downloaded, this should be recorded in the notes field. Afterwards they should delete the copies saved to their computer.

Once received, the information will be imported within 1 working day.

If you are transferring your whole school from CPOMS you will need to request your data from CPOMS. We recommend you do this when you give notice about leaving the service. You will need to follow the instructions they provide. A disk containing your data will be sent to the school representative. Once you have received your data follow the instructions here.