This article is intended to guide the user on how to import data after they started using the system.

To import staff members: 

Head to Administration and select + Import Staff Members from the menu on the left hand side.

You can download a template file to collate the data in which indicates the information needed and the order it is needed in. Once completed, save in CSV format. 

Every staff member needs:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

There is a column for Job Role too, which can be left blank. It relates to what User Group a staff member will be sorted into. If it is not completed staff will need to be allocated to the appropriate User Group before you send out their Welcome Emails. However, if this column is filled in the staff will be automatically sorted once the import is complete. In this case, you should use staff cohorts such as SLT, Teacher, or Admin to designate the correct role.

Our standard User Groups are outlined below. If you enter other job roles, a User Group will be created with this title.

Standard User Groups:

  • DSL
  • School Business Manager
  • Admin Team
  • SLTs
  • Teachers
  • TAs
  • Governors

Once completed and saved as a CSV file, you can return to the + Import Staff Member section then upload and save the file.

To import Children:

Importing the pupil information takes very similar steps to the import staff data. Start in Administration and select + Import Children from the menu on the left.


You will see a space to upload a completed file and again an option to download a template.

Every pupil needs the following criteria to be filled in:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender as M or F
  • Date of Birth in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Class Name
  • UPN or unique code

Once completed and saved as a CSV file you can upload the file in the + Import Children area and save. 

If your school does not use a UPN then please enter a unique code that can be used to identify the child on the system. This might be an admission number for example.