If you notice a child is not present on Impero EdAware you can check if there are any errors which could be preventing them from synching from your MIS. 

To do this click on Administration and then MIS Sync Logs. A list of sync logs will be shown, click 'View' on the most recent log.

A panel will appear giving you information from the sync:

It lists all your staff members, under this you will see the number of children updated, and any which have encountered issues:

Here I can see that there is an issue for Diana Buckstone:

'Skipping child with MIS ID 25262 (Diana Buckstone) due to missing UPN.'

In this case the UPN is missing for the child in the MIS, and this would prevent the child syncing to Impero EdAware. The next step would be to update your MIS with the UPN for the child. Once this is done you can quickly ensure the child is brought in by returning to Impero EdAware and clicking Administration and then clicking 'Force Sync Now' in the menu to the left: 

A green bar will advise you that a sync has begun, and if you refresh the page you will see that the sync is in progress:

Once the sync has finished, which usually takes between 2 and 10 minutes, you can click View Log and check that the child you updated is no longer listed as needing updating. When you search for the child in Impero EdAware you should now be able to view them on the system. 

You should also check that the student or staff member has a start date entered in the MIS and that this date is in the past. Pupil and staff data will not be pulled through until they have officially started in the school

If this does not solve the issue, please contact the help desk and we can investigate further.