Alerts are set up in Administration to help ensure that the necessary people receive notifications when concerns are added to the system. Sometimes you might want to send an alert to someone who wouldn't normally receive one to bring it to their attention.

Depending on your allocated user group and permissions, you are given the option to alert other users when you create a new concern:

Clicking on the field displays each of the user groups in your system, like this:

From here you can either:

  • click on a user group to send the alert to all staff members in that user group
  • click on the + symbol next to the user group to expand the list to select appropriate individuals. You can also start typing the name of the staff member to search for them:

Repeat this process if you wish to alert more than one user group or staff member. You can remove a user or user group by clicking the 'X' next to them. 

Once you have saved the concern, this is displayed in the selected staff member's Action Plan page.

Ticking the Send Emails checkbox help ensures that alerts are also sent by email in addition to appearing in the staff's action plan. 

Alerts override other viewing permissions and cannot be recalled. You should assess the appropriateness of the staff before alerting multiple people.