You may have some members of temporary staff, such as exam invigilators, who are not granted access to Impero Backdrop and not able to record concerns in the system. 

We would always suggest that temporary members of staff ask another staff member who has access to Backdrop to enter the concern on their behalf, and they use the "Raised by" option when adding the concern to record this.

However, we appreciate this isn't always possible and sometimes a concern needs to be recorded on paper before being entered on to the system. We have built a few helpful functions into the concern form to help ensure all information relating to a concern is as accurate as possible:

  • When you add a concern, you can select the date to backdate to the correct date and time.

  • Click on 'Add File' to add a scan or picture of the paper copy - this is important as that is the original or 'audit' copy. If possible, you should tag the staff member raising the concern in 'Raised By'; if they are not a member of staff on your system, select 'Someone Else' and add as much data as possible. You should include their full name, role at the school, and their contact details as well as the contact details of any supply or staffing agency.

We have created a printable form that reflects the Backdrop concerns form which you may find helpful in these situations. Click on the form below to download a PDF copy to your computer: