Please note that in order to utilise iPad functionality you must be running v4.2.14 or above.

You are required to edit the links below to match the version of your Impero Server e.g. if your running v8.4.88 you are reuired to replace X.X.XX.0 with (Note the .0 at the end never changes and it is necessary to be there) any Questions please contact support.

Since iOS 9+, Impero requires to be configured to run as a trusted enterprise app. The link below explains how to do this on iOS devices;


In order to download the iPad app for a single iPad, navigate to the following URL on the device:


In the ‘Settings’ section on the iPad, find the ‘Impero Education Pro’ app, and specify the IP address of your Impero Server.

In order to deploy to many devices using 'over the air' deployment, you can use an MDM solution (Meraki used in this example): 

For example, through Meraki:

Take a look at the below link and:

Use 'Option 1: Specify a link to an externally hosted .plist file': 

When asked to 'provide a link to an externally hosted plist', use:

Or, if deploying via AirWatch: 

Use the following link when supplying a .ipa file:

You will need to add 'impero_server' as an (A Name) DNS record, with the IP address of the PC that is running your Impero Server.


When the iPad app opens for the first time, they use that record to obtain the IP of the Impero Server (needed in order to function correctly).


Note: You may have to accept trust on each device when opening app.