Impero Console access rights can be configured from the Impero Server. Select the “Settings” tab followed by “Console Access Rights”.


If a specific user always teaches in the one same room, add them to the Access Rights List by clicking on the “New” button in the bottom left-hand corner. Specify their username, and click on “OK”. With that user selected on the left-hand side of the screen, select the “Groups” tab on the right-hand side. Select a group under the “Existing Groups” panel, and then on the right-hand side select the “No Access To Group” option. Repeat this on all groups that you do not wish this user to have access to, leaving them access to the room that they teach in.


If your teachers move between rooms, it may be easier to achieve this by computer access rights. In the same location on your Impero Server, click on “New” in the bottom left-hand corner and then select the “Computer” option. Specify the name of the teacher computer in the room you wish to configure access for, and then click on “OK”. Select the “Groups” tab and set “No Access To Group” for all rooms except for the room in which that computer belongs. Note than when assigning access rights by computer name, the user will need to enter the Impero password to access the Console.


TIP: If you have a large number of groups, and need to add many users to the Console Access Rights that only need access to one group, it may be useful to create a "Template" account in the Console Access Rights list. for Example, you have created 50 groups and now wish to add 50 users to the access rights list and give each one access to a specific, unique group. Rather than adding the user then removing access to 49 groups and then repeating that action for all 50 users, instead create a user called "No Access" in the console access rights. now give this user no access to any of the 50 groups and save. now add the first of the 50 users to the access rights and select copy. now copy the rights from "No Access" to the new user. now that the new user has no access to any groups, you only have to give them access to the group they need (1) rather than remove the ones they don't (49).


Please ensure you click on the “Apply” button regularly to save any changes you make to Console Access Rights.


Please be aware that Impero Server will not allow you to make changes to groups that are currently being edited by Console users