Impero logs actions that are carried out by Impero Console users. These logs can be viewed from the Impero Server, “Tools > Console Logs” menu item. Console logs are kept for thirty days by default.


There are two options of actions that can be performed under the Console Logs contextual menu item.


Set Logging Level


There are three options that you can select under the 'Set Logging Level' menu item - 'None', 'Minimal' and 'Full'. For a comparison of which actions are logged by minimal and full logging levels, please see the Impero Server manual.



View Logs


Selecting the 'View Logs' menu item will open the 'Console Log Viewer' which displays a log of any activity that has taken place within the Impero Console.

In the left-hand panel, you are able to select a date from within the last 30 days from which you wish to view the logs. Expanding one of the dates will then display a list of the usernames that were logged into the console on that date. You can click to select one of these usernames to then view logs of that user's activity in the Impero console from the selected date. 

Action Matrix