The 'Computer Availability' feature enables you to show computer availability across your network. This is displayed via a web page and shows users where there are free computers to use throughout your organisation. To enable this service, select the 'Computer Availability' tab in Impero Server and check the 'Enable the computer availability service' box.

[1] - The default port for this service is set to '8181'. Ensure that this port is not currently in use. If it is, you can change the port number to any free port in the 'Port' text field. 

You must then click on 'Apply' to save any changes. Any changes to the port number here will affect the Impero Room Booking web page.


[2] - To hide any particular group from displaying, tick the checkbox next to that group in the 'Computer groups that should NOT be used' area.


[3] - To view the computer availability web page, use the following web address:


Replace with your Impero Server IP address i.e. http://Server IP Address:Port Number/default.html.


Hint: After making changes, click on the 'Apply' button to save.


The computer availability web page is then displayed, showing a list of computer groups and how many of the computers in each group are not currently in use.

Clicking on any of the group names will expand the list to show the name of any free computer within that group. A computer is defined as 'free' if it is switched off or currently does not have a user logged in.

The computer availability web page will refresh every 30 seconds and displays the last time updated in the top left corner. To force an update, click on the 'Update' button in the top right corner of the web page.


There are additional features within the computer availability functionality called 'Digital Signage'. This allows you to modify the web address to view more specific information.


For example, if you wish to view only a specific group, you can add '(findgroups)' to the end of the URL plus the group name, i.e. Room 1. 


This will display your specified group with a colour indicator for the amount of computers that are currently free. There are three different indicators:

Green: More than 25% of the computers are free.

Orange: Less than 25% of the computers are free.

Red: No computers are free.

To display more than one group at a time, separate the groups with the '&' symbol in the URL, i.e. Room 1&IT Room 2.

To display the groups with the most inactive computers, append '(topinactive)' after the port number followed by the number of groups you wish to display, i.e.