There are a number of folders in the Impero Server install directory that are important to the way in which Impero functions. Please do not attempt to edit or handle the files and folders in the Impero Server install location unless instructed to do so by a member of the Impero Technical Support Team.

Information on some of the important folders here can be found below: 

Backups - The Impero Server automatically backs up its important files into this location. This takes place on a nightly basis shortly after midnight.

ConsoleLogs - Impero logs all Console activity, which can be displayed in the Impero Server. This is useful for tracking down which user may have carried out various actions. The Console Logging can be set to be disabled, or set to take "Minimal" or "Full" logging. These are kept for 30 days only.

Data - The "Data" folder holds various text and XML files that contain all your Impero settings. These are the files that are automatically backed up every night, and can be restored should you have any problems. There are three further sub-directories within the "Data" folder/

ComputerLoggingV2 - This folder contains information regarding Power Management data, and can be viewed when generating Power Management Reports.

Images - This folder contains screenshots that are taken when Impero picks up violations.

Text - This folder contains all your Impero logging data, i.e. history of user activity, websites visited, and Confide data. These files are not backed up automatically by Impero, and may be worth you adding to any backup routine you may have in place.

Errors - This folder contains any error logging data that has been generated by Impero.

Exam/ImperoExamSend - These folders contain files and attachments that are used by the "Exam Module" feature within the Impero Console.

ImperoPatchRepository - This folder contains files downloaded from the Internet by the Impero Patch Management system. An automatic cleanup of this folder can be configured within your Impero Server application.

Inventory - Impero automatically takes a hardware and software inventory of client machines when the Impero Client is installed. The XML files that hold this information can be found here.

Patch - This folder holds your Patch Management database. Removing this file will remove all data held by your Patch Management system.

Recordings - All screen recordings that are taken from the Impero Console can be found here.

ScheduledReports - If you set up any "Scheduled Reports" from the Log Viewer in the Impero Console, they will be automatically saved to this location.

SupportFiles - This contains files that Impero needs to gather information to support various features within Impero.

Updates - All server and client MSI files, and Mac installers, for each version of Impero you run will be automatically downloaded to this location.

Webserver - This folder contains files that are required by Impero's Room Booking and Computer Availability features.