This features gives you the ability to broadcast your screen to student computers, or even broadcast a student's screen to other student screens.


Broadcast Your Screen 

- Select the users you wish to broadcast to.

- Click on 'Broadcast Screen' from the 'Screen' toolbar.

- The 'Impero - Broadcast Options' dialogue window will open.

- To broadcast your screen in full make sure 'Select Broadcaster' is set to 'Yourself'.

- Ensure 'What to broadcast' is set to 'Whole Screen'.

- Click the 'Begin' button.

- Users will then see your screen on their computer, and will be unable to switch from this view and are not allowed to cancel it.

- To end the broadcast just click on 'End Broadcast' on the 'Screen' toolbar.

There are a number of other options that are available to you when configuring your broadcast: 

Select Broadcaster

The drop-down list will contain a list of all the users in your currently selected group. Select from the list whose screen you wish to broadcast to selected users.


Show broadcast in Window

The broadcast will then open in a new window, allowing the user to switch between windows on their computer.


Allow user to close

The user that is receiving the broadcast has the ability to close the broadcast on their computer.


Broadcast Screen Scale (of original)

To reduce the size of your broadcast, select 'Show broadcast in Window' and pick either 10%, 25%, 50%, or 300%. If this is selected, users will be able to switch between open windows.


Use Low Colour

Uses less colours to reduce the size of the broadcast.


Show Annotation Tools

Allows you to use various annotation tools on your screen during a broadcast.


Minimise console when broadcast starts

Selecting this option will minimise the Impero Console as soon as the broadcast begins, so that receivers of the broadcast do not see the Console window.

What to broadcast:

Whole Screen

Displays broadcast in full on remote users' desktop. Users are then unable to switch between windows on their computer.

Portion of Screen

Allows for only a portion of the screen to be broadcast. You can click and hold the top part of the 'Select Record Area:' window (the red box) and move the recording area to the desired location.  To change the size of the recording area, click and hold any edge of the box and drag to the required size. Once you have the red box displaying the correct area, click the 'Begin' button to start the broadcast.