In order to remotely uninstall the Impero Client, open the Impero Server application and select the “Connections” tab. You can then right click on the client and select “Uninstall Impero”.


You can also highlight multiple clients by holding down the “CTRL” key while selecting clients, and then clicking “Uninstall Impero Client” to uninstall multiple clients simultaneously.

Please note that the status must indicate that the client is active before you can uninstall the Impero Client in this way. 

You can also uninstall the Impero Client locally through the Windows Control Panel. 

Once the client has been uninstalled, the “Connections” tab will show the status of the client as disconnected. To completely remove the client from Impero, follow these steps:

  •  Stop the Impero Server Service.
  •  Delete the file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Data\Clients.txt”.
  •  The “Clients.txt” file may reside elsewhere if your Impero Server is not installed to the default location.
  •  Restart the Impero Server Service.
  •  The “Connections” list will then rebuild itself as clients connect to the server.