Impero Server browser tool for MAC

The Impero Server Browser tool for Mac is used to allow the Impero Console for Mac to connect to different Impero Servers with the push of a button.

Open Applications and then Impero to find the “ImperoServerBrowser” app. Run the app and you are presented with the list of available Servers. This list is pre-populated by your system administrator.

Click on the “Connect” button to move to the desired server. You can see some connection notifications appear as the Client connects to the new Server. Once these notification have disappeared, your client is connected to the new server and can open your Impero Console for Mac.

Populating the Impero Server browser list

The Impero Server browser tool for Mac uses the same structure as the Windows tool. It reads a ‘serverlist.txt’ files that contains the name and IP address of all. If you are already using this tool on the Windows platform then the file can be copied from Windows to the Mac. The default location of this file is listed below; 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Client\serverlist.txt


If you are not using the Windows tool then the file can be created manually and saved in the following location on the MAC

Library\Application Support\ImperoClientSrv\serverlist.txt

The format of the file is Servername\Server IP Address

Spencer Server\

Jake Server\