When importing school/district data using our SIS Integration process, it is import that usernames match the exact characterization (upper/lower case) they use when logging into your environment. If characterization does not match then this can result in a user not getting access to the correct groups.

There is a known process available to resolve this issue if you have encountered it in your environment.

- Open the Impero Server application and navigate to Settings->Console Access Rights

- Locate the username of the person who has encountered this issue and is not seeing the desired groups

- Select this username from the access rights list and click the Remove button below the access rights list

- Click Apply

- Click the New button and add the username back but this time with the correct characterization

- Click Apply

- Switch to the tab titled SIS Integration

- Click the Import Groups button to begin a new sync with Clever

Once this import is complete the User will now have access to the correct groups as desired.