To hide the "Join Pin Group" button on devices, this setting will have to be disabled on the Impero Console.

  • Right-click on a device/user that has the "Join Pin Group Button" showing
  • Select Properties>Resultant set of settings
  • Here will be shown a breakdown of all the rules applied to the user/computer across the different groups that is part of, depending on the groups priorities
  • In the example below, the option for the Students group will overwrite the ones in the Entire Network and Test groups, because the Students group is set to be on high priority, while the other two groups have a lower priority
    • This means that for that specific user, the "Join Pin Group Button" will be hidden ("Yes" under Applied Result)

To change this behaviour, the admin member can do any of the following option (or both):

  • Change the groups priorities:
    • Right-click on a group>Properties
  • Enable/disable the "Hide Pin Group Button" against a group:
    • Right-click on a group>Properties>Group Settings>Workstation Settings>Hide Pin group join button