***By implementing the steps in this article below, Impero Solutions Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damages or outcomes thereafter, if you are unsure we advise that you apply these changes in an isolated environment to reduce risks. Screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only, in which could differ from your   environment. Support are Limited to aiding the deployment from group policy due to the nature of this system.

Here is a link to an Official Microsoft guide for deploy software through group policy


Below is an example on how you may deploy Impero using group policy;
*Before we setup Group Policy it is necessary that you make sure the Installer needs to be in a shared location and accessible by all machines*.

Open up Group Policy Management on your server that has the Group Policy Management Role Installed;

Once the Group Policy Management tool has opened expand your domain name and click on "Group Policy Objects", then right-click on 'New';

On the New GPO Window, give this a name e.g. ImperoSoftwareDeployment and click on 'OK', this is then displayed in the "Group Policy Object" location;

Once the Group Policy Object is created we now need to setup the actions it performs, to do this locate the newly created policy and right-click on 'Edit', this opens a new window;

Within the "Group Policy Management Editor" window you are required to decide if you want to apply the software installation on "Computer Configuration" (Computer Startup) or "User Configuration" (User Login), for demonstration purposes we are using "Computer Configuration". Once decided expand "Policies", then expand "Software Settings" then expand "Software Settings", you can now see an option for "Software Installation" right click on this option highlight "New" > "Package", this opens a new window to select your MSI Package to deploy from the shared repository;

Within the "Open" window you are required to select the ImperoClientSetupXXXX.msi file from your shared location (UNC Path !!) and click on 'Open', then a window may appear that explains that it has to be in a shared network location confirm and click on "Yes", this opens a new for the deployment method;

On the "Deploy Software" window select the option "Assigned" if not already selected and click on "OK",

This has now created the software deployment. Now we need to decide what machines receives this policy / software;

To decide where you want to deploy this software you will need to go back to the main "Group Policy Management" window and expand the location of where your desired users or computers are located, in this case as we setup a computer policy we are going to deploy to all Students Machines organisational unit that has been previously setup, once you have identified where you want to push the software out you are required to right-click on the OU and click on the button "Link an Existing GPO...";

Once you click on the "Link an Existing GPO..." button, a window is displayed to select the GPO Object that we have just created, once selected click on the 'OK' button.
**Please note once you click on 'OK 'this takes affect immediately and installs the software in this case when one of the students machines restart, if this is applied on "User Configuration" this applies the software on the next login of that user**

Once you press on "OK" you see the policy appear on OU "Linked Group Policy Objects", depending on what policies you already have setup you may need to change the order to suit your needs by clicking on the small arrows, but this step may not be necessary, and dependent on your setup;

If you are having issues deploying the software to your machines you can check for errors within the Event Viewer on the machine that you want the software being deployed.

Please note that Support is limited to what they can do with your group policy, if you decide that you don't want to push Impero Software out through group policy, contact support via email at support@imperosoftware.com or you can raise a ticket within the customer portal here New Ticket.