Within the EdPro Cloud live view, if you see the message "Google Prevents Impero from viewing this user's current activity", this means that the user is on a web page on a Chromebook that Google does not allow 3rd party apps to capture. This may include, but is not limited to the following;

  • New Tab window (This is classed as a private window for the user by Google)
  • Any Chrome:// pages such as Settings, Bookmarks..

To get around this you can force the Chromebooks to display the full display however this prompts the user to share their screen which is also enforced by Google. if a student does not accept the sharing of the screen it keeps asking them until they do. You can enable this setting by right clicking a group (either Entire Network, or a specific Chromebook group) and click Properties > Group Settings > Workstation Settings > Fullscreen viewing on Chromebooks

*Make sure the group settings are not overridden by some other higher priority group.