This guide is to show you how you can change the interval when capture emails are sent to an email address on the legacy console.

By default, the capture emails are sent as a digest over a 5min interval to the desired email addresses, if you would like to extend or reduce this time please follow the steps below to configure this setting.

  1. Log into your Impero Server

  2. Right-click the Impero Server Icon and click "Open file location"
    (This will take you to the directory where Impero Server is installed the default is
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\)

  3. Create a New .txt file called emailpostingperiodsecs.txt

  4. Within this file, you will need to type the number of seconds you want to set the interval e.g. 120 will be 2mins

  5. Once you have decided on the Time (We recommend no less than 60 Seconds / 1Min) you will need to save the file and restart the ImperoServerSVC service.