Upgrading to the latest Windows Spring Creators edition (1803>) causes performance issues with the Microsoft Edge browser.


To fix this issue please follow the instructions below:


Open the Impero Server

  1. Select the Tools tab and click on Injection Exclusions

  2. Under Application specify the following browser_broker.exe

  3. Under Description specify the follow Microsoft Edge

  4. Click on Add Exclusion.


  5. Repeat point 3, 4 and 5 again adding RuntimeBroker.exe and Microsoft Edge

  6. You are required to restart the Impero Client services

**Please be aware once you have added the above, if you have any block polices already applied for Microsoft Edge as an application block this is no longer blocked.

To resolve this issue you are required to change the block from an application block to caption block

Open the Impero console.

Select the group, right-click and select Advanced Policies.

Select the block list under policy name, on the right-hand side select ADD.

In the popup box then enter *Microsoft edge* and select Window Caption then clicks Add.


The block policy is now in place and blocks Microsoft Edge from being used.