The 'Allow List' feature allows you to specify websites are allowed to run, while all unspecified websites will be blocked.


If the Allow List is empty then all sites are allowed to display correctly. Once you add a website to the Allow List all other websites will be blocked. Only the websites on the Allow List will be displayed correctly and the others will receive an error message saying, 'The website you tried to access is not on the Allowed List'. 


To add a website to the Allow List;

- Click on the Desired Group on the left-hand side. 

- Click on the 'Group' icon, then 'Allow List'.

- Enter the website at the bottom of the dialogue box and click 'Add'.

- Repeat above step if additional websites are needed.


To allow full access to all websites again, click on the 'Groups' icon, then 'Allow List', and click on 'Clear All' in the bottom left of the window to remove all entries. In order to remove single entries from the Allow-Only Websites, click the 'X' to the right of any website address you have in the blocked window. 

We also have a YouTube video here which may look slightly different to your current console but the controls are the same: