The token used for the Volume Purchase Program has to be renewed every 12 months, with Apple School Manager

Follow these instructions to renew the token if you are organisation is enrolled in either Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.

  1. Log into the correct portal:
    For Education, customers log into
    For Business, customers log into 
  2. On the left-hand side select "Settings" and then select "Apps and Books".
  3. Click the download button for your location to download the VPP token.

Once you have downloaded the token you will need to log into EdLink and navigate to the IOS MDM Settings Location

Once you have navigated to this location you will see a section for "APPLE VPP APPLICATION DISTRIBUTION", this is where you can add/renew tokens;

To update the current VPP Token you can click the Pencil option under the "Action" section on the current VPP token, once you have selected this option you will have the choice to update the token certificate or upload a new token