One of the key benefits of cloud-based solutions is their ability to integrate with other cloud services giving users a greater level of access and control. We have brought Google Classroom integration to our cloud solution. This allows teachers to import any classes they have created in Google Classroom directly into Impero Education Pro where they will appear as groups. It also pulls all the students that have been invited to the class and adds them to the group as group members. This integration allows teachers to instantly build a unique set of groups in Education Pro that mirror what they have created in Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Integration also supports students on ChromeOS and Windows devices providing they sign in with the same account they use for Google Classroom invites

Key points to Consider

  • Google Classroom Integration is designed to be used by teachers
  • Teachers must sync individually to pull their Google Classrooms
  • A maximum of 400 Classes can be imported per user
  • Teachers must be “Teachers” or “Co-Teachers” of Classes in Google Classroom
  • Teachers must be present in Console Access Rights on Impero Server
  • To help ensure that the classrooms populate correctly, make sure that all the classroom teachers are in the classroom_teachers group in Google Admin. Also, make sure that the teachers verify that they have "ownership" of their respective classrooms and that the teachers have archived any classrooms that they no longer use.


How to enable Google Classroom Integration


Google Classroom Integration is enabled via the Impero Enterprise Console, a web-based interface that allows for the changing of settings across multiple Impero Servers by deploying settings profile.

Before you can enable Google Classroom Integration you must first have access to Impero Cloud Services (Edpro Cloud & Enterprise Console). If you don’t yet have access or are simply not sure then please contact to get set up.

Enable Google Classroom

1. Log in to the Enterprise Console and Click Server Settings.

    US Edpro.Cloud users: 

    US1 Edpro.Cloud users:

    US (East) Edpro.Cloud users:

    UK Edpro.Cloud users: 

    UK1 Edpro.Cloud users:

2. Select or create a profile to enable Google Classroom Integration.

3. From the drop-down menu in the Google Classroom section select Enable Google Classroom Integration and click Add Setting

4. Put a tick against this setting and Click the Push Profile to Select Servers button

5. Tick each Server you want to apply this profile and click Push

6. The next screen shows a report of the profile push and if it was successful.

Sync with Google Classroom

1. Login to Edpro.Cloud with your Google account. Navigate to the Classroom so you are presented with your group list. *We recommend Google admins do not perform sync themselves.

2. Click Sync Google Classroom.

3. Elevated permissions are required to perform the sync with Google Classroom. A new window will open asking you to select your Google account and accept the higher level permissions. If pop-ups are blocked on your system you will need to allow them from Impero in order to continue.

4. Once complete your Google Classrooms will appear within the list as User Groups

5. Select a group, all members from Google Classroom have been added to the Impero group as members. Please note that the users may not be visible yet unless they have connected to Impero at least once.

Duplicated Group Names

You may encounter situations where Google Classroom users have created courses with the same name. Education Pro won’t allow for two groups to exist with the same name. To address this problem Education Pro will take the unique ID number given to each course created in Google Classroom and add that to the name of the group. If users have difficulty identifying specific groups because of this it is recommended they edit the name in Google Classroom to be unique and then perform a Sync. This will update their list with the new name.