When you first start using the Impero Console, there are a number of predefined default User Groups created. It is then necessary to create new Computer/User Groups as required by your organisation.


In order to create a new Group, click on the ‘+’ icon that appears above the User/Computer Group List.


This will open the 'Add Group' window which allows you to begin the creation of the necessary groups. You can also right-click an existing group and select ‘Properties’ to access the same window to edit an existing group.

Group Details/Members



1 - Group Properties


This section of the 'Add Group' window allows you to set the basic properties of your new Group.


Name of Group

The name of the group is how it will then be displayed in the Group List.


Group Priority

Give your group a priority from the options Low, Medium and High. Higher priority groups will take precedence over lower priority groups when applying group settings for users.


Type of Group

Select whether your group is a Computer Group or a User Group.

2 - Existing Group Members


This panel of the 'Add Group' window enables you to add/modify/remove users from the group. In order to add a new member to the group, click on the '[Add New Member]' link which will open up the search fields underneath. There are then five fields available for you to edit:


Member Name

Type in the name of the member you wish to add to the group, based on your selection in the ‘Search Tag’ drop-down list. You are also able to use a wildcard (*) to enter multiple users in one go, or if you do not know the full name of the member you wish to add. For example, 'ITRoom1*' will cover all computers in ITRoom1, providing all the computer names begin with the string 'ITRoom1'. To exclude a member, simply use a '!' followed by the member name, i.e. '!PC1' will exclude PC1 from the group.


Search Tag

Select from the options in this drop-down list which tag you wish to search upon to find new members for your group. This list will be populated with different options if creating/editing a User Group.


Reason in Group

If there is a specific reason that a member has been added to this group, enter it in the text field here.


Removal Date

If you wish to remove this user from the group on a specific date, check the box in this field and then enter the removal date from the calendar. You can also manually edit a specific time if you wish.



If you wish to remove a member from this group, do so by clicking the 'Delete' button next to that user.


3 - Search Tag


Select from the options in this drop-down list which tag you wish to search upon to find new members for your group.


Computer Name

Search based on the name that the computer Operating System reports back to Impero.


AD Group

This will check to see what Active Directory (AD) groups are assigned to that computer, and show in the new group if the AD group in 'Member Name' matches an assigned AD group.


IP Address

This will check all the IP addresses of the computer (only valid for Computer Group type).


MAC Address

This will check all the MAC addresses of the computer. This should be static and not change unless you change the physical hardware of the workstation (only valid for Computer Group type).


Operating System

This will check the version of the Operating System being reported back to Impero (only valid for Computer Group type).


Impero Version

Filter membership of the group based on which version of the Impero Client is installed (only valid for Computer Group type).


Host Name

This will filter based on the hostname of the session, for example, the host of the thin client server (only valid for Computer Group type).


Windows Session ID

Search on the unique ID of the Windows session.


Type of Client

This will take two values: workstation or console. Workstation will display all workstations within your network, while the console will display all users who currently have the console open.


4 - Additional Options


There are three additional option buttons at the bottom of this tab:


Directory Import

Select an Active Directory group that you wish to import into your group.


Note: This option is only available if your AD settings are applied in Impero Server.


View Groups - These are security groups within your Active Directory and will be dynamic with Impero. Any changes you make in Active Directory will automatically change in your Impero Group.


View Containers - These groups are Organisational Units and are static imports. Any changes you make within Active Directory will not be reflected in Impero. You will need to manually update Impero to reflect the Active Directory changes.


Remove All

Remove all users from the currently selected group.


Import Users

You can import a text file containing a list of the users that you wish to import into your new group. This must be a .txt file that contains a list of all usernames you wish to add, each username on a new line. This option is only valid when creating a User Group.