Follow the steps below in order to configure a GPO that will install and enable the Impero Workplace Pro Mozilla Firefox Quantum extension for web filtering.

1. On your server, create a shared network folder

2. Ensure that permissions on this folder allow access from users/computers that you wish to deploy to

3. Download the required files from the following link - Firefox Quantum Files

4. Unzip and place the file below into your shared network folder


5. Open Group Policy Management

6. Create a new GPO for the policy (or add to an existing policy)

7. Right-click your GPO, and select "Edit"

8. You will then see the "Group Policy Management Editor" window

9. Expand the Computer/User Configuration tree on the left-hand side, depending on how you wish to configure your policy

10. Navigate to:

Preferences > Windows Settings > Files

11. Right-click, and select "New > File"

12. In the new window, from the drop-down list select "Create"

13. In the "Source file(s)" field, enter the full UNC path to the XPI file in your shared network folder

14. In the "Destination File" field, enter:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions\{d623b59f-9103-48cf-be5c-68055660f7ad}.xpi"


"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions\{d623b59f-9103-48cf-be5c-68055660f7ad}.xpi"

depending on you Mozilla Firefox installation location

15. In the "Attributes" section tick "Read-only" and "Hidden"

16. Click OK

17. Back in the Group Policy Management window, assign this policy to users/computers as normal

Follow the steps below to setup a caption block within Impero Workplace Pro that will prevent users from disabling or removing the Mozilla Firefox Quantum extension.

1. Open Impero Console

2. Select a group of users/computers to which you wish to add the block

3. Right click and select "Block List"

4. In the "Blocked Windows" column enter "Add-ons Manager - Mozilla Firefox" and click "Add"

5. Click OK

6. The Block is now active. any users/computers within your defined group that open the "Add-ons Manager" of Firefox Quantum will have that window automatically closed.

Additional Comments
Please note - The Mozilla Firefox Quantum extension requires Impero Workplace Pro v6.3 or higher to function. 

Please note - The caption block listed above will close Mozilla Firefox down, including all open browser windows and tabs. As Firefox is currently not an Enterprise supported browser, it does not enjoy the same mechanics used to force install extensions and other settings. The caption block method will ensure that your users are being monitored and protected at all times while using Mozilla Firefox Quantum.