Impero is proud to announce our long-awaited browser extension for the Microsoft Edge platform. With this extension installed you can log, block and run websites in the classroom using Microsoft’s most up to date browser, Edge. Edge extensions are deployed on a per-user, per-machine basis and are distributed via the Windows Store.


To install the Edge extension:


1. Open Edge

2. Click on the "..." button in the top right of the page and select "Extensions"

3. Click "Get extensions from the Store"

4. Search for the extension, a good search term to use is "Impero"

5. Open the extension's page and click on "Get"

     5a. You may be prompted to sign-in with a Microsoft account

6. Once the extension is downloaded close the store page and return to the list of extensions that opened after step 2

7. When prompted to turn the extension on. Turn it on.

8. Download, extract and run the script below

Distributing Microsoft Edge extensions

Now that our Extension is available, it can be distributed to users through the Microsoft Store

Microsoft controls the way in which Edge Extensions are deployed and Admins must choose one of the following options.

The following script must be deployed to systems after the Edge Extension has been deployed