How can I remove old clients from my client list view?

If you have client machines appearing in your Impero Console that no longer exist, or that you wish to remove from view, you have two ways in which to achieve this.



1) In your Impero Console, click on the Impero logo in the top left-hand corner. From this menu, click on “Client Cleanup”. From the on screen calendar, select a date – any clients that have not been active since this selected date will be removed from your Console view. Once you have selected a date (which must be 7 days ago or more), enter your Impero password - which can be found in your Impero Server application, from the “Console Access Rights” tab under “Settings” – and select “Clean-Up Now”. All inactive clients since your selected date will be removed from the Console. However, should any of those clients become active again, they will immediately reappear in your Console.



2) There is an alternative option which will remove ALL clients from your Impero Console. In order to do this, navigate to the “Data” folder in your Impero Server directory on the server machine. Stop the Impero Server Service, and then move/rename the “clients.txt” file which can be found in this location. Restart the Impero Server Service. Your Impero Console view will then appear with no client machines, and will begin to repopulate with all active machines as they connect to the server.