Google Chrome Browser WebRTC


Google Chrome Browser WebRTC Change 


An issue has been identified which is currently affecting cloud console users from seeing thumbnails from within the Google Chrome Browser


Please note this is not an Impero software created issue and will be affecting anyone using webRTC communication protocol.


Cause: Google has introduced a config setting within the Chrome browser (starting with Chrome update 75) which is designed to hide the local IP address used within WebRTC by using a technology called mDNS.


From investigations, mDNS queries on certain networks may not have been enabled.  This will prevent thumbnails from appearing within the console user’s Chrome browser.


Resolutions: There are currently two resolutions available please see below.


1. Enable mDNS throughout your internal network including wireless controllers.


A quick way on windows (or any device with a chrome browser) to determine which subnet’s mDNS services are visible is to use this tool in the browser:


 You can also check this between VLANs using Wireshark using an mDNS query


2. Disable the following Chrome browser flag: Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC (Figure 1).

                                                                                                                                                         Figure 1.


Unfortunately, this is going to have to be disabled for every user that is going to log into the console.