Under the reporting tab in the Impero Backdrop menu you can find out numbers and types of concerns, meetings, and referrals recorded on the system as well as other details.  

As the system is not linked to your MIS some of the enhanced characteristics you can report against in Impero EdAware will not be available for Backdrop reports. However, in many areas, you can export data to excel in order to process it in the specific way you need to. 

Remember to make sure the date range is appropriate for you. At the beginning of the academic year, the reports roll over and will only show the concerns added since the beginning of the term. If you change the date range to the previous year you will be able to see the figures from that year. 

How do I see a breakdown for the subcategories? 

From Reports select By Category underneath the Concerns report section. Click on the Top level category name to dial into the subcategory data within.