You can manually add parent or family member details to the child profile in Impero Backdrop  

Select the child card and open the profile. In the menu on the left-hand side, click on Family to take you to the manual add page. 


To add a new family member select Add Family Member. The form will drop down for you to fill in. You can add details about the relationship to the child and first language, as well as if they have parental responsibility or are barred from having contact with the child. Make sure you save the form once it is completed. The family member will now appear on the child's profile. 

You can edit an entry if the details change by selecting ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side of each family profile. Make sure you save any changed to ensure it updates. 

If you need to remove an entry you can do so by editing the profile and selecting remove. A pop-up ask you to confirm this was intended.  

When you add a family member as having been barred from contact a red flag will appear on the student's profile.