Meetings can be used to record a range of communication from internal meetings or conversations with parents in the playground to SEND reviews or formal meetings with external agencies. 

Like with concerns we add meetings against a child. You add multiple children into one meeting so it appears on each of their chronologies. The form is straightforward to complete, with spaces to record who attended from the family, professionals or other attendees. 


The important thing to remember is how you control who can see the meeting. With meetings you need to make the meeting ‘Visible To’ to the relevant people. If you do not add any one here, no one cannot view the meeting. It is necessary that you think about who it is appropriate to be visible to. We would advise you add User Groups rather than individuals as much as possible so that if a staff member leaves it is still visible to the new person in that role. 


Alerting Users means that the meeting appears in their action plan, but you can also tick the box to send emails to make sure they are aware.  

Remember to press save to add the meeting to the Chronology.  

You can edit meetings to update notes, decisions or add files, such as minutes to the entry. You can also add in additional people that the meeting is visible to this way. Make sure you save any updates you make.