To keep Impero Backdrop simple to use, we do not link to your MIS. This just means that it is necessary for you to populate staff and student data yourself.   

  • If you have not verified your email you cannot use some areas of the system including adding staff and students. See How do I sign up? for more information.
  • The quickest way to add students is by using a *.CSV file. *.CSV file is similar to a spreadsheet, saved in a particular format
  • You can download a template from the Getting Started page to help you provide all the information needed. 
  • Make sure you save it as a *.CSV file as only these can be uploaded. 

For students we need to know: 

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Date Of Birth
  4. Gender
  5. Year Group
  6. Registration Group
  7. UPN

The system can identify a pupil as Male or Female, M or F, or if the space is left blank. This is in keeping with the requirement of the school census.  

If your organization doesn’t use UPNs you can leave this blank. Unique identification numbers are created within the system to ensure data is assigned correctly.



  • Next, you are asked to match the columns from your CSV file. 


When you are ready click on Import Data. Any errors are highlighted on the next screen. You should click on the pencil on the right to edit the entry and remember to save the updates. 



Clicking complete takes you to the next stage where you can input Staff details. You can skip this step if you would like to add staff later.  

Adding students manually 

If you do not upload a *.CSV file you can still add in students using the form below. Remember to save each line and when you are ready click on Next. If there are any errors these are highlighted and you can edit the line and save to update. 


Adding Staff Members 

For staff we need to know: 

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Job Role
  4. User Group

User groups are used to set the access permissions different staff will have on the system. You should use general roles and responsibilities rather than individual names. Our standard user groups are: 

  • DSLs
  • School Business Manager
  • Admin Team
  • SLTs
  • Teachers
  • TAs
  • Governors

We set these groups up with permissions that allow different levels of access depending on the group. We recommend you check the settings before inviting staff to make sure you are happy with the access rights. If you specify a group at this point that is outside of this list, it is given the same access rights as teachers

You can change the user group of a staff member; see How do I manage user groups and permissions?

Once again you can either upload a *.CSV or add staff in manually. You can also skip this step and add staff in at a later date. 


When you click on Next you are prompted to correct any errors and Complete. You are now taken to the Action Plan. It takes a few moments to upload large CSV files and you can see in the Action Plan when this is successful. 


You can see your setup progress in the menu on the right-hand side. You should review your system settings before you add concerns or invite staff to use the system. You can also access the system settings and user group permissions from the Administration section.  


It is necessary for you to verify your account before you can access all parts of the system.