We add concerns against a particular child profile. There are Create Concern or Add A Concern buttons on the Action Plan, the child card, and the child profile. 


When you click on the Add a Concern button you are taken to the cause for concern form. You should be familiar with the content from the forms you are already using to record concerns. There are some useful features in the digital form that help you keep the record accurate.  

You can add multiple children to one concern so it is displayed on each of their Chronologies. Siblings are not automatically linked in Impero Backdrop so it is necessary that you ensure that you include all members of a family if needed. Search the name need and click on the full name to add it to the concern. 



You can select the date and time an incident has taken place regardless of when you are adding it to the system. The report will always say when you added the concern as well as when the incident took place.  


Select the top-level concern type and the subcategories to reflect the concern at hand. You can select as many subcategories as needed. If you do not select subcategories the reports on concern number will not include the breakdown that you might need to provide in an inspection. Subcategories can be customised to reflect the issues and language used in your school. 


There is a free text box for your concern so you can write as much or as little as needed. You should be mindful of distinguishing between fact and opinion and aware of any external displays you might be plugged into to maintain confidentiality. 

The text recorded here cannot be changed after you have saved the concern as it makes part of the court safe report. This means it must be free from edits, deletions, and redactions. Be aware that once you save the concern you cannot change or remove it. 


You can select the location if appropriate which helps to consider contextual safeguarding factors. 

There are spaces to record the child’s voice, with a reminder that this should be using exact words as much as possible, as well as space to record and contact with the parents or guardians.  

Each concern type has a clickable body map so you can make a record of any marks or injuries. 



If you have suitable permissions you can change the local authority threshold noted on the child profile and alert specific users. You may want to change the threshold if the concern you are adding indicated that the child might need additional support from external agencies.  

When you alert a specific user it opens up the viewing permissions to a staff member who might not usually see it. For example, you might want a class teacher who wouldn’t normally be able to view Child Protection concerns to be aware about a concern regarding a child in their class. 


You much make sure you save the form when it is completed. If you leave the page without saving your work is lost.