There are certain costs associated with MIS integration that we don’t want to pass on to Impero Backdrop customers. In order for Backdrop to remain a free platform forever, we have adopted an approach of self-sign-up only which removes the need for MIS integration. 

You will notice we collect the name of your MIS when you sign up. This will allow our technical support team, in the future, to provide instructions for your specific MIS (e.g. Capita SIMS) on uploading a report, with automatic data mapping, to save you time updating your student and staff lists.

We do offer a paid-for platform called Impero EdAware which enables full MIS integration, as well as including some additional school safeguarding functionality. We're very happy to say the feedback we have had from Backdrop customers so far using the CSV file upload of students is all very positive.

Whilst we offer Backdrop as a sophisticated platform in its own right, we do understand some users may like a fully automated MIS integration. If this is of interest to you, please do approach your Account Manager and ask about EdAware.