To update the DEP token update, you will need to follow the same steps described on the dashboard.

To get to these,  log in, select Settings and click iOS MDM Settings

  1. Download your public key (this can be found by clicking on the link on your own dashboard)
  2. Upload your public key to Apple and download your server token: Apple Deployment Programs

After STEP 2, you will log in to Apple School Manager

3. Select Settings

4. Find your MDM server:

5. select the server

6. select Edit

7. find MDM Server Settings and upload the file downloaded from Edlink's dashboard 

8. select Apply on the top right

Now you can download the new DEP token by selecting the download token button at the top of the window you are working in:

9. Log back into the Edlinks dashboard

10. Navigate to Settings

11. Select the iOS MDM settings

12. Select Update/Renew and upload the p7m file that was downloaded above to the dashboard.