Please note: 

When uploading CSV files, we only support the following delimiters:

  • , for list separation
  • : for pair separation
  • ; for value separation

How to export current student and parent information:

  1. Login to your Edlink Dashboard
  2. Click Students on the left hand side of your screen
  3. Click “Export As” (we recommend for this purpose using either Excel or CSV)






4. Import the CSV data into Excel

  1. Open Excel and import the CSV (or just open Excel to a blank workbook)
  2. Select the Data tab in Excel and click on "From Text/CSV"
  3. Select the downloaded student file from above and click Import
  4. Select Load on the window that appears
  5. Delete the extra blank sheet that is created
  6. You will now see the file in an easier form to edit

Note: You may not add new students this way. This is only for editing existing students; as you can see in column A, each student has a student-id that has been assigned to them by Edlink.




You may edit everything but the student_id. 

For example, edited the student Polly Cliff - changed her last name to Twist and added an email address. 

These changes are highlighted below in yellow:




How to update parent information & invite parents with bulk update

You may update both student and parent information in the same CSV file. 

A quick and easy way to invite Parents to Edlink is to add their details to the exported file, alongside the relevant student (or to simply update their information if you have invited them already)

Adding Parent Information: 

To invite parents to Edlink, add their information in-line with the relevant student. 

We recommend adding their first name, last name and email address. 

In the last column on the right is an option as to whether you want to send an invite or not to this parent. Y indicates yes and N indicates no.




Please note: When inviting or linking parents you may only link 1 parent per student. You cannot add 2 parents to a single student. You can, however, add a single parent to multiple students.

Saving Your Updates Correctly

You will need to save the file in CSV format once more and upload it to Edlink. 

To Save your new updates as a CSV: 

  1. Click File
  2. Click Save As
  3. Ensure the file type is CSV




Now that you’ve updated your Student and Parent information, we need to upload the file to Edlink.

How to upload your CSV file to Edlink 

Open the Edlink Dashboard.

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Student section
  3. Click the "Bulk Upload +" button




4. Click “Select CSV File” button and select the file you saved with the updated information from the steps above




5. Click Upload

6. View uploaded students in the Students section of the dashboard