To avoid students being able to inspect and edit the browser extension, you will need to disallow the ability to use Developer mode. It is safer to disable this mode as it removes the possibility of students altering the code of the extension.

  • Step 1: The Developer mode settings can be disabled by navigating to the Google Admin Console - login to the console with your Gsuite account. 

  • Step 2: Select Devices¬†


  • Step 3: On the left hand side select Chrome Management


  • Step 4: Click on User & browser settings


  • Step 5: Scroll down till you find User Experience. Here, find Developer Tools


  • Step 6: Change the option from "Always allow use of built-in developer tools" to "Never allow use of built-in developer tools"


  • Step 7: Select Save on the top right.

You have now disabled the use of the developer console. This will stop any student from altering the Edlink application by inspecting or using the developer mode.