The Home page provides quick access to frequently used tools, Real-Time graphs, Monitoring Graphs, reports, as well as ‘Service’ and ‘System Status’ displays.  Use the top panel navigation bar to scroll vertically to the different displays. Selected Quick Reports show at the top of the window.  They use a scrollable ‘carousel’ function.  Click the arrow buttons to the right and left of the graphs to scroll horizontally across the window.  

  • The Customize Reports button lets you add or remove Quick Reports from the carousel display. In addition, you can add List entries or search URLs, Groups, and Clients.

  • The Popular Tools section displays the most frequently accessed windows and their usage as a percentage.

  • The Quick Search window in the Dashboard allows you to quickly search URLs, Groups and Clients. The ‘URL Lookup’ field gives you the ability to check the category of a specific URL. Enter the URL and choose Search. The URL Lookup window displays with information from the selected log line automatically populated for the relevant fields. The 'URL Lookup' window can also be accessed from the URL Tools menu or by right-clicking a log line in the 'Request Log Files' window.

  • Use the List Tools section to quickly add List entries for a Group’s Policy.  Select the List from the ‘Add to List’ dropdown.  Type the new List Entry and an optional Comment.  Choose the Action of ‘Allow URL’ or ‘Deny URL’ and click the Save Entry button.