This guide walks you through the steps of relicensing your EducationPro Server if asked to do so by one of the support representatives.

  1. Stop ImperoServerSVC Service*.
  2. Go to the Server install location and locate the data folder (default location is - C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Data).
  3. Locate and delete the Licence.xml and licence.xmlx files
  4. Start the ImperoServerSVC Service and wait for approximately 1 min for the server to fully start.
  5. Open the Impero Server Application and specify the registration details using your Impero Server Activation/Licence code**

*During this time the software will not be able to be used until the service has been started again, however, any policies that have been implemented will still take effect and any captures and activity will still be logged locally until the server is online 

**You may need to contact Impero Support to reactivate your licence code so that the server can be registered If you don't have your Activation/Licence code please also contact the support team who will be able to provide you with this.