Currently Impero Education Pro uses Google API’s to identify ChromeOS devices by their directory ID, a unique string given to each device on the Chrome platform.

Although this allows for Chrome devices to be configured in computer groups as well as user groups, it makes identifying devices difficult as directory ID’s are long strings and are not editable to a more readable format.

 To alleviate this problem, we have added the ability to create a “ComputerNames.csv” that will replace the directory ID with an name of your choosing.


The following guide explains how to create a “ComputerNames.csv” file, also attached is a template




CSV File 


A CSV file is needed to perform the override of ChromeOS computer names and this must be created manually. Please find below the required name for the CSV file and its default location


File name - ComputerNames.csv

Location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Data


(the location above is the default install location of Impero Server. If you have installed Impero Server to a different location, then the CSV file must be placed in the data directory at that location)


In order for the system to populate the new computer names the ChromeOS clients are required to reconnect to the server. This can be done by either restarting the device clients or the server.

The “clients.txt” will retain the old names for the devices. To clear these entries, this file will need to be deleted and allowed to repopulate for the new names to be registered. This file can be located in the following default directory. The ImperoServerSVC service should be stopped before deleting this file.

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Impero Solutions Ltd\Impero Server\Data







The 1st line of the CSV file must contain the following or the file won’t read



The CSV file then needs to contain two values. The first is the directory ID of the ChromeOS device and the second is the new name that you want Impero to display


In the example above <0baeb7c4-cd02-48b9-b010-2f973e0cd697> is the directory ID for this device.

 Spencer’s Chromebook is the new name that will be displayed.

Important Note: Following the import if the Chrome devices are not updating you may need to check the .CSV using notepad and remove the comma and save this will fix any importing issues.



Once configured the new computer name will be displayed in all Impero Console views and on all platforms including web console
Impero Console for Windows
Impero Console for Mac

Impero Console for iOS

Further more the new device name will be referenced in all areas of the system including captures, logs and usage reports.



Remember to update your group membership if you are group Chromebooks by device using computers groups and the directory ID. This will NOT update you group memberships automatically, so the new names will need to be added to your groups.