Document vaults are available to store files, notes, photographs and other materials related to students, staff and the school.

Each child profile has a document vault where you can store EHCPs, photographs of family member without custodial access or historic safeguarding records from previous schools for example. You should keep any physical copies provided but the document vault means you can access this information quickly, where ever you are. 

There is also a document vault available for each staff members profile. You may like to use this to retain documents related to their application, feedback or awards. Documents uploaded to a staff document vault cannot be shared with others. Using careful permissions settings here you can store confidential notes or information related to the specific staff member.

The school wide document vault allows you to upload policies, notices and other items relating to the whole school. You can still choose who can see the documents and can broadcast them to all staff, specific groups or individuals depending on the content. This is a good place to share safeguarding policies as a view log allows you to see who has read the document and when.