Cloud Console Lesson Management Functionality

What is it?

The lesson functionality allows teacher to start and end a lesson, via EdPro Cloud. During the lesson they can: add Allowed and Blocked list items, lock screen, and disable internet. At the end of the lesson, any restrictions or items added during the lesson will be removed.


-    EdPro Server 8.5 (Ideally 8.5.26)

-    Access to web interface

How to use it

Default Lesson Length

Inside the Impero Server App, admins are able to adjust the default length of a lesson. To adjust the default lesson length, go to: Impero Server App > Setting > Lesson Management. By default, the lesson length is 60 minutes, but this time can be adjusted to suite the school lesson length. Once the lesson length has been adjusted, press the “Apply” button.

Start/End Lesson

The Lesson management feature is a Cloud only feature for teachers, as such can only be access via 

Once inside of a group as a Teacher, you will see a “Start Lesson” button. Clicking this will begin a lesson, this means that a timer will begin – the timer will use the setting set in the “Lesson Management” tab mentioned above. 

While this timer is running, this is known as a lesson, during a lesson the teacher is able to do the following: add Allowed/Block list, disable internet, Lock Screens, and Broadcast their Screen. If any of these actions are still in place when the timer expires, then the items will be removed from the clients, meaning: Internet access is enabled, Screens will be unlocked, Broadcasts will end, and any allowed/blocked items will be removed.

The teacher is able to end a lesson early if needed, to do this simply press “End Lesson”, this will behave the same as if the lesson timer were to expire, meaning all restriction and items will be removed.

Adjusting a lesson length

As a teacher, if need to adjust the lesson length for any reason, you have the ability to do so. Adjusting the lesson length via the web interface, is a per lesson basis, meaning you’re are only adjusting this one lessons length.

To adjust the length of the lesson, simply client on the timer which appears to the right of “Lesson ends at XX:XX”. The window which appears allows you to set when the lesson will end, once adjusted, press “Apply” for the changes to be saved. When changes are allied the “Lesson ends at XX:XX” will update to reflect the new end time.

Do note, that if the lesson end time is set to a time that has already passed today, it will set it to that time for the following day e.g. current time 10:00, if I set the time to 09:30, then end time will be 09:30 tomorrow.