To install the Microsoft Teams client, you must have permission to upload custom applications to your Microsoft Teams tenant, and have access to a domain administrator account on your Microsoft 365 tenant.

1. Provide admin consent

Firstly, ensure a domain administrator provides administrator consent by signing into Backdrop with your Microsoft 365 account, then visiting Administration > Admin Consent under the Microsoft Teams heading. You receive a message saying that admin consent was granted successfully.

2. Download the Teams application

You can find the relevant Teams application at the following download links, which correspond to the hostname you use to access Backdrop:

3. Upload the Teams application to your Microsoft Teams instance

In Microsoft Teams, navigate to Apps and upload a custom application. Choose the downloaded ZIP file. You are asked which Team you wish to initially install this into.

4. Set the appropriate Microsoft email addresses against the children in your school.

If you wish to do this in bulk, please contact our support team. It is necessary that you use a spreadsheet mapping identifying information from your children (e.g. UPN, or a combination of First Name, Last Name and Date Of Birth) with their Microsoft 365 email address.

Otherwise, in a child's profile in back:drop click the Edit button (the pencil near the child's name) and enter the child's email address in the Microsoft 365 Email Address field. (This will need to map to the PrincipalName in your Teams instance.)

5. Impero Classroom is now accessible within Microsoft Teams!

You will see "Impero Classroom" as a tab within Teams. To add to other Teams, click on + Add Tab in a given team, and choose Impero Classroom.